Join Our Fellowship Program

At Ananta Ananda, we believe in the transformative power of Arts, Wellness, and Skill
Education to unlock the potential of every child. Our Fellowship Program offers passionate
individuals the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the lives of underprivileged children
in government schools through innovative teaching and community engagement.

About Fellowship

Our Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity for individuals to serve as part-time teachers in government schools with a commitment of a minimum of one year. As a fellow, you will
immerse yourself in providing holistic education, integrating arts, physical activities, and skill-building exercises into the curriculum to nurture well-rounded individuals

What You'll Do

  1. Teach: Lead dynamic and engaging classes in arts, physical education, and skill-building activities, fostering creativity, health, and personal development among students.
  2. Mentor: Serve as a mentor and role model to students, guiding them academically and personally to help them discover their talents and passions.
  3. Collaborate: Work closely with school staff, fellow teachers, and program coordinators to develop innovative teaching strategies and create an inclusive learning environment.
  4. Advocate: Engage with students’ families and communities, advocating for the importance of holistic education and building partnerships to support student well-being and success.
  5. Grow: Participate in ongoing training and professional development opportunities tailored to arts, physical education, and skill development, enhancing your teaching expertise and
    leadership skills.

Why Join Us?

Impact: Experience the joy of making a meaningful difference in the lives of children by providing them with opportunities to explore their creativity, improve their health, and develop valuable skills for life.

Development: Gain hands-on teaching experience in arts, physical education, and skill-building activities, as well as leadership skills and personal growth opportunities through
professional development support.

Community: Join a diverse and supportive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about holistic education and social change, fostering collaboration and shared learning experiences.

Support: Receive mentorship and guidance from experienced educators and program staff, ensuring you have the resources and support you need to succeed in your role.

Alumni Network: Become part of our extensive network of alumni who continue to make a positive impact in education and beyond, providing ongoing support and opportunities for
collaboration and growth.

Who We're Looking For:

We are seeking dedicated individuals who are passionate about arts, wellness education, and skill development, possess strong communication and leadership skills, and are committed to our mission of providing holistic education to every child. Previous teaching
experience or educational background in these areas is welcomed; what matters most is your passion, dedication, and willingness to make a difference.

Our Fellowship Selection Process:

  • Application Review

    All applications submitted through our online portal are carefully reviewed by our selection committee. We assess candidates based on their qualifications, relevant experiences, motivation, and alignment with our organization's mission and goals.

  • Screening Interviews

    Shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in screening interviews conducted either in person or virtually. During these interviews, candidates have the opportunity to further discuss their motivations, experiences, and suitability for the Fellowship role. We also assess candidates' communication skills, interpersonal abilities, and readiness to commit to the Fellowship program.

  • Teaching Demonstration

    Candidates who successfully pass the screening interviews may be asked to conduct a teaching demonstration in their chosen subject areas. This demonstration allows us to evaluate candidates' teaching abilities, creativity, and ability to engage and inspire students in arts, wellness, and skill education activities.

  • Final Selection and Offer

    Based on the outcomes of the application review, screening interviews, and teaching demonstration, our selection committee makes final decisions regarding Fellowship placements. Successful candidates are offered Fellowship positions and provided with detailed information about the program, including expectations, benefits, and next steps.

Our process ensures we recruit passionate, qualified individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children.

After the Selection Process

  • Orientation, Training, and Placement

    Upon acceptance of the Fellowship offer, fellows participate in a comprehensive orientation and training program to prepare them for their roles in the classroom and the community. This training covers topics such as curriculum development, classroom management, teaching methodologies, activities, cultural sensitivity, and child protection. After the completion of the training, fellows are placed as part-time Arts / Wellness / Skill Education Teachers in Government Schools.

  • Ongoing Support and Evaluation

    Throughout the Fellowship program, fellows receive ongoing support, mentorship, and feedback from program staff and experienced educators. We conduct regular evaluations to assess fellows' progress, identify areas for growth, and provide additional support and resources as needed.

  • Alumni Engagement

    Upon completion of the Fellowship program, fellows become part of our alumni network, where they continue to receive support, networking opportunities, and resources to further their careers and continue their impact in education and social change.

Ready to inspire and empower the next generation through arts, wellness, and skill education?

Please complete the online application form, including your resume/CV and a statement of purpose outlining your motivation for joining the Fellowship Program and your relevant skills and experiences.

Join us on this journey to redefine education and unlock the potential of every child through arts, wellness, and skill education. Apply now and be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of underprivileged children. 



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